Services for Individuals

Trust is at the core of our relationship with private clients. Establishing a close relationship based on trust is what our personal and professional service is all about. Building on our expertise and sense for discretion, we aim to provide our clients with a service on a par with their requirements.


Family Office Services

We offer our family office clients a review of the chosen investment strategy


Constance Grimaud SA is assisting clients in obtaining residency permits that fall into different categories

Tax Advice & Tax Declarations

Tax Advice, declarations & Global Taxation

Legal Advice

Our special expertise is the treatment of tax affairs, sensitive disputes on the inheritance of estates as well as complaints involving corporate affairs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is quite probably the most personal and yet complex service that our company can offer to its clients.

Escrow Agent

Constance Grimaud SA acts as escrow agent for its private clients. We arrange the safe storage of assets of all sorts in the name and on behalf of our clients.

Trusts and Foundations

Setting up a trust or foundation for our clients is one of the core services provided by Constance Grimaud SA

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